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Note: Names and details are provided for your information only. Decisions regarding choice of physician and treatment are a patient’s responsibility, as is all communication and interaction with listed medical professionals.

Note: The list of physicians generated by your search criteria is based on the ZIP code or city you entered, and search results are sorted by proximity to the ZIP code or city that you entered. The Find a Physician tool aims to connect prospective patients to qualified physicians based on objective criteria for training certification, treatment proficiency, and commitment to providing positive patient experiences and outcomes. Physicians do not pay a fee for inclusion in the Find a Physician tool, but some physicians may purchase products from, provide consulting services to, and/or be a party to a co-marketing agreement with Sonex Health. Sonex Health makes no representations, guarantees, or warranties regarding, and shall not be responsible for, the competencies or skill level or the quality of any physician’s procedural outcomes. It is the responsibility of you and your physician to determine if Carpal Tunnel Release with UltraGuideCTR™ and/or Trigger Finger Release with UltraGuideTFR™ is right for your situation.

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